kanji n2 lesson 30

kanji n2 lesson 30kanji n2 lesson 30

kanji n2 lesson 30 – JLPT N2. Hi everybody! In this post, Learn Japanese online will introduce to you the summary of Kanji in N2 level. Each of the lessons includes 10 letters, and there are also : Meaning,  Onyomi, Kunyomi, words often going with the Kanji.

Kanji n2 lesson 30

291. 拝

Meaning : worship, adore, pray to

Onyoumi : はい

Kunyoumi : おが

Common words using this Kanji :

拝見(はいけん):seeing; look at
参拝者(さんばいしゃ):worshipper; worshiper; visitor (to a shrine or temple); pilgrim
拝む(おがむ):to pray

292. 打

Meaning : strike, hit, knock, pound, dozen

Onyoumi : だ

Kunyoumi : う

Common words using this Kanji :

打者(だしゃ) : (in baseball) the player who is hitting the ball
打つ(うつ):to hit; to strike; to knock; to beat; to punch
打ち合わせ(うちあわせ):to discuss; to argue

293. 伺

Meaning : pay respects, visit, ask, inquire, question, implore

Onyoumi :

Kunyoumi : うかが

Common words using this Kanji :

伺う(うかがう): to ask; to inquire; to hear; to be told

294. 幸

Meaning : happiness, blessing, fortune

Onyoumi : こう

Kunyoumi : さいわ、しあわ

Common words using this Kanji :

幸運な(こううん):good luck; fortune
幸せな(しあわせ):happiness; good fortune; luck; blessing
不幸な(ふこう):unhappiness; sorrow; misfortune; disaster; accident
幸い(さいわい):happiness; blessedness; luck

295. 失

Meaning : lose, error, fault, disadvantage, loss

Onyoumi : しつ

Kunyoumi : うしな

Common words using this Kanji :

失礼な(しつれい):discourtesy; impoliteness
失望(しつぼう):disappointment; despair
失う(うしなう):to lose; to part with

296. 突

Meaning : stab, protruding, thrust, pierce, prick, collision, sudden

Onyoumi : とつ

Kunyoumi : つ

Common words using this Kanji :

突然(とつぜん):abrupt; sudden; unexpected
突き当たり(つきあたり):dead end
煙突(えんとつ) : chimney; smokestack; funnel (of a ship)
突っ込む(つっこむ) : to thrust (something) into (something)

297. 然

Meaning : sort of thing, so, if so, in that case, well

Onyoumi : ぜん、ねん

Kunyoumi :

Common words using this Kanji :

全然(ぜんぜん):not at all (with neg. verb)
当然(とうぜん): natural; as a matter of course; justified; deserved; reasonable
天然(てんねん):nature; spontaneity

298. 諸

Meaning : various, many, several, together

Onyoumi : しょ

Kunyoumi :

Common words using this Kanji :

諸(しょ)~:various; many; several
諸般(しょはん):various; several
諸問題(しょもんだい):many problems; various problems

299. 情

Meaning : feelings, emotion, passion, sympathy, circumstances, facts

Onyoumi : じょう

Kunyoumi : なさ

Common words using this Kanji :

表情(ひょうじょう):protest; demonstration
情け (なさけ) : sympathy
情けない (なさけない) : no sympathy

300. 退

Meaning :  retreat, withdraw, retire, resign, repel, expel, reject

Onyoumi : たい

Kunyoumi : しりぞ

Common words using this Kanji :

退学(たいがく):dropping out of school; withdrawing from school
退院(たいいん):leaving hospital; discharge from hospital
退く(どく/ひく/しりぞく – the most popular reading/のく):to step back; to move back

above is list of 10 Kanji in level N2 – Kanji n2 lesson 30. See more Kanji at the same level in this category : Kanji N2

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