10 japanese words per day 97

10 japanese words per day 9710 japanese words per day 97 .

10 japanese words per day 97. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 97

961. 色々

Reading : iroiro
Meaning : a variety of

Example :

Kaban ha iroiro na shurui ga ari masu.
There is a wide variety of bags.

962. 持って行く

Reading : motteiku
Meaning : take, bring

Example :

Ryokou suru toki fuku o takusan motte itte kudasai.
Bring lots of clothes when going on a trip.

963. 着替える

Reading : kigaeru
Meaning : change clothes

Example :

Anata ha mousugu shutsuen na node hayaku kigae te kudasai.
Since you’re acting soon please change your clothes.

964. 石鹸

Reading : sekken
Meaning : soap

Example :

Shawa o abiru toki itsumo sekken o tsukatte i masu.
I always use soap when taking a shower.

965. 野球

Reading : yakyuu
Meaning : baseball

Example :

Boku ha chuugakusei jidai yakyuu ga tokui desu yo.
I used to be good at baseball when I was at junior high.

966. 昼食

Reading : chyuushoku
Meaning : lunch

Example :

Kyou no chuushoku ha tamago to pan desu.
Lunch today is bread and eggs.

967. 朝食

Reading : choushoku
Meaning : breakfast

Example :

Kyou nebou shi ta node choushoku o tabe nai de gakkou ni iki mashi ta.
I overslept today so I went to school without having breakfast.

968. 眠る

Reading : nemuru
Meaning : sleep, lie idle

Example :

Tsui kyoushitsu no naka de nemutte shimatta.
I fell asleep in the classroom.

969. 初め

Reading : hajime
Meaning : beginning

Example :

Hajime no shoukai o yon de kudasai.
Please reed the beginning introduction.

970. 火

Reading : hi
Meaning : fire, flame

Example :

Hi o tsuke te kudasai.
Light the fire.

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