kanji n2 lesson 29

kanji n2 lesson 29kanji n2 lesson 29

kanji n2 lesson 29 – JLPT N2. Hi everybody! In this post, Learn Japanese online will introduce to you the summary of Kanji in N2 level. Each of the lessons includes 10 letters, and there are also : Meaning,  Onyomi, Kunyomi, words often going with the Kanji.

Kanji n2 lesson 29

281. 伸

Meaning : expand, stretch, extend, lengthen, increase

Onyoumi : しん

Kunyoumi : の

Common words using this Kanji :

追伸(ついしん):to postscript
伸びる(のびる):to stretch; to extend; to lengthen; to grow (of hair, height, grass, etc.)

282. 皆

Meaning : all, everything

Onyoumi :

Kunyoumi : みな

Common words using this Kanji :

皆(みな):everyone; everybody; all
皆さん(みなさん):all; everyone; everybody

283. 暮

Meaning : evening, twilight, season’s end, livelihood, make a living, spend time

Onyoumi : ぼ

Kunyoumi : く

Common words using this Kanji :

暮れ(くれ):sunset; sundown; nightfall; dusk
夕暮れ(ゆうぐれ):evening; dusk; twilight

284. 慣

Meaning : accustomed, get used to, become experienced

Onyoumi : かん

Kunyoumi : な

Common words using this Kanji :

習慣(しゅうかん):custom, habit
慣れる(なれる):to get used to; to grow accustomed to; to become familiar with

285. 活

Meaning : lively, resuscitation, being helped, living

Onyoumi : かつ

Kunyoumi :

Common words using this Kanji :

生活(せいかつ):living; life (one’s daily existence); livelihood
活字(かつじ):printed text
活用(かつよう):practical use; application
活発(かっぱつ): lively; active; vigorous; animated; brisk

286. 恋

Meaning :  romance, in love, yearn for, miss, darling

Onyoumi : れん

Kunyoumi : こい

Common words using this Kanji :

恋愛(れんあい):love; love-making; passion; emotion; affections
恋人(こいびと):lover; sweetheart
恋(こい):(romantic) love
恋しい(こいしい):yearned for; longed for; missed

287. 健

Meaning : healthy, health, strength, persistence

Onyoumi : けん

Kunyoumi : すこ

Common words using this Kanji :

健在(けんざい):good health
健やかな(すこやかな):vigorous; healthy; sound
健全な(けんぜんな):healthy; sound; wholesome

288. 康

Meaning : ease, peace

Onyoumi : こう

Kunyoumi :

Common words using this Kanji :

健康(けんこう):health; sound; wholesome
健康保険証(けんこうほけんしょう):health insurance​ card

289. 祈

Meaning : pray, wish

Onyoumi : き

Kunyoumi : いの

Common words using this Kanji :

祈願(きがん):prayer; supplication
祈る(いのる):to pray; to wish
祈り(いのり):prayer; supplication

290. 福

Meaning : blessing, fortune, luck, wealth

Onyoumi : ふく

Kunyoumi :

Common words using this Kanji :

幸福(こうふく):happiness; blessedness; joy; well-being
福祉(ふくし):welfare; well-being; social welfare; social security; social service

above is list of 10 Kanji in level N2 – Kanji n2 lesson 29. See more Kanji at the same level in this category : Kanji N2

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