kanji n2 lesson 38

kanji n2 lesson 38kanji n2 lesson 38

kanji n2 lesson 38 – JLPT N2. Hi everybody! In this post, Learn Japanese online will introduce to you the summary of Kanji in N2 level. Each of the lessons includes 10 letters, and there are also : Meaning,  Onyomi, Kunyomi, words often going with the Kanji.

Kanji n2 lesson 38

371. 虫

Meaning : insect, bug, temper

Onyoumi : ちゅう

Kunyoumi : むし

Common words using this Kanji :

防虫剤(ぼうちゅうざい):insect repellent
殺虫剤(さっちゅうざい):insecticide; pesticide
虫歯(むしば):cavity; tooth decay

372. 歯

Meaning : tooth, cog

Onyoumi : し

Kunyoumi : は

Common words using this Kanji :

歯周病(ししゅうびょう):periodontal disease
歯車(はぐるま):gear; cog-wheel

373. 防

Meaning : ward off, defend, protect, resist

Onyoumi : ぼう

Kunyoumi : ふせ

Common words using this Kanji :

防止(ぼうし): prevention; check
消防(しょうぼう)fire fighting
防ぐ(ふせぐ):to prevent; to avoid

374. 磨

Meaning : grind, polish, scour, improve, brush (teeth)

Onyoumi :

Kunyoumi : みが

Common words using this Kanji :

磨く(みがく):to brush (e.g. teeth)

375. 抜

Meaning : slip out, extract, pull out, pilfer, quote, remove, omit

Onyoumi : ばつ

Kunyoumi : ぬ

Common words using this Kanji :

抜群(ばつぐん):preeminence; distinction; extraordinariness
抜く(ぬく):to escape
抜ける(ぬける):to be forgotten
追い抜く(おいぬく):to pass (a car); to overtake

376. 悩

Meaning : trouble, worry, in pain, distress, illness

Onyoumi :

Kunyoumi : なや

Common words using this Kanji :

悩む(なやむ):to be worried; to be troubled
悩み(なやみ):trouble; troubles; worry

377. 髪

Meaning : hair of the head

Onyoumi :

Kunyoumi : かみ

Common words using this Kanji :

髪(かみ):hair (on the head)
白髪(しらが):twhite hair; grey hair; gray hair
髪の毛(かみのけ):hair (head)

378. 刺

Meaning : thorn, pierce, stab, prick, sting, calling card

Onyoumi : し

Kunyoumi : さ

Common words using this Kanji :

名刺(めいし) business card
刺す(さす):to sting; to bite
刺激(しげき):stimulus; motivation
刺さる(ささる):to stick into (something with a sharp point); to prick; to pierce

379. 肩

Meaning : shoulder

Onyoumi :

Kunyoumi : かた

Common words using this Kanji :

肩書き(かたがき):title; degree

380. 腰

Meaning : loins, hips, waist, low wainscoting

Onyoumi : よう

Kunyoumi : こし

Common words using this Kanji :

腰痛(ようつう):lower back (or hip) pain; lumbago
腰掛ける(こしかける):to sit (down)
腰- back; lower back; waist; hips; lumbar region

above is list of 10 Kanji in level N2 – Kanji n2 lesson 38. See more Kanji at the same level in this category : Kanji N2

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