kanji n2 lesson 20

kanji n2 lesson 20kanji n2 lesson 20

kanji n2 lesson 20 – JLPT N2. Hi everybody! In this post, Learn Japanese online will introduce to you the summary of Kanji in N2 level. Each of the lessons includes 10 letters, and there are also : Meaning,  Onyomi, Kunyomi, words often going with the Kanji.

Kanji n2 lesson 20

191. 当

Meaning : hit, right, appropriate, himself

Onyoumi : とう

Kunyoumi : あ

Common words using this Kanji :

当日(とうじつ):appointed day; very day, that day
当(とう)~         : that… (business organisation or place)
弁当(べんとう):bento; Japanese box lunch
当たる(あたる):to hit, to be right ( answer)

192. 頂

Meaning : place on the head, receive, top of head, top, summit, peak

Onyoumi : ちょう

Kunyoumi : いただ

Common words using this Kanji :

頂点(ちょうてん):top; summit
頂(いただく):to receive; to get; to accept; to take; to buy
頂上(ちょうじょう):top; summit; peak

193. 商

Meaning : make a deal, selling, dealing in, merchant

Onyoumi : しょう

Kunyoumi :

Common words using this Kanji :

商品(しょうひん):commodity; article of commerce; goods; stock; merchandise
商業(しょうぎょう):commerce; trade; business
商店(しょうてん):shop; small store; business; firm
商売(しょうばい):trade; business; commerce; transaction; occupation

194. 個

Meaning : individual, counter for articles

Onyoumi : こ

Kunyoumi :

Common words using this Kanji :

~個(こ):counter for articles
個々(ここ):individual; one by one; separate
個人(こじん): individual; private person; personal; private
個別(こべつ):particular case; discrete; individual; separate

195. 相

Meaning : inter-, mutual, together, each other, minister of state, councillor, aspect, phase, physiognomy

Onyoumi : そう、しょう

Kunyoumi : あい

Common words using this Kanji :

~相当 (そうとう):corresponding to (in meaning, function, etc.); being equivalent to
外相 (がいしょう):outward; exterior
相手(あいて):opponent (sports, etc.)
首相(しゅしょう):Prime Minister; Chancellor (Germany, Austria, etc.); Premier
相変わらず(あいかわらず):as ever; as usual; the same; still
相撲(すもう):sumo wrestling

196. 交

Meaning : mingle, mixing, association, coming & going

Onyoumi : こう

Kunyoumi :

Common words using this Kanji :

交換-(こうかん);exchange; interchange; switching; reciprocity; barter; substitution; replacement; clearing (of checks, cheques)
交際(こうさい): company; friendship; association; society; acquaintance
交通機関(こうつうきかん):transportation facilities
交流(こうりゅう):(cultural) exchange; interchange; interaction; (inter-) mingling; (social, etc.) networking; intercourse

197. 効

Meaning : merit, efficacy, efficiency, benefit

Onyoumi : こう

Kunyoumi : き

Common words using this Kanji :

有効な(ゆうこうな):valid; effective
効く(きく): to be effective; to show effect
効果(こうか):effect; effectiveness; efficacy; result
効き目(ききめ):effect; virtue; efficacy; impression

198. 限

Meaning : limit

Onyoumi : げん

Kunyoumi : かぎ

Common words using this Kanji :

期限(きげん): term; period; time frame
限界(げんかい):limit; bound
限度額(げんどがく): credit limit (on a credit card)

199. 全

Meaning : whole, entire, all, complete, fulfill

Onyoumi : ぜん

Kunyoumi : まった、すべ

Common words using this Kanji :

全国(ぜんこく):countrywide; nationwide; whole country; national
完全な(かんぜんな):perfection; completeness
全く(まったく): really; truly; entirely; completely; wholly; perfectly
全て(すべて):everything; all; the whole

200. 共

Meaning : together, both, neither, all, and, alike, with

Onyoumi : きょう

Kunyoumi : とも

Common words using this Kanji :

共通(きょうつう):common; shared; mutual
共に(ともに):together; jointly

above is list of 10 Kanji in level N2 – Kanji n2 lesson 20. See more Kanji at the same level in this category : Kanji N2

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