Japanese vocabulary on careers

Japanese vocabulary on careers

Japanese vocabulary on careers . Hi guys, Learn Japanese daily will introduce to you the Japanese vocabulary list by theme : careers.

Japanese vocabulary on careers – Part 1

Japanese vocabulary on careers - Part 1

Japanese words on careers – Part 1

店員(てんいん)    : clerk

コック    from the word : cook

モデル   :  model

電気工(でんきこう   :  electrician

消防士(しょうぼうし) :  firefighter.  消火 means firefighting, 防火is fire protection, firefighter is a dangerous job

that’s why they are consider to be soldier 兵士(へいし)combine the 2 words we have : 消防士(しょうぼうし)

運転手(うんてんしゅ)    driver, in polite way we say  運転さん

ツアーガイド     :tour guide

本屋さん(ほんやさん)  : bookseller , 本屋 means bookstore.

司書(ししょ)  : librarian

カメラマン   : cameraman

秘書(ひしょ) :  secretary

通訳(つうやく)  : translator

Japanese vocabulary on careers 2:

Japanese vocabulary on careers 2:

Japanese words on careers 2:

1.作業員(さぎょういん) : workers. 作業  Chinese character means demonstrator. In some business call ワーカー in english is worker. However, this word is not popular in some enterprise.

2.肉屋さん(にくやさん)  : butcher’s . 肉屋 means meat store, attach with さん behind means butcher’s, other words like: 本屋さん (bookseller)、薬屋さん (pharmacy’s). Put さん behind the store name -> means the person work in there

3.大工(だいく)  : carpenter. Chinese character of 大工(だいく)means great merit

4.画家(がか) : Painter.

5.弁護士(べんごし): Lawyer. 弁護 ( ben go) means plead for…..

6.警官(けいかん) : policeman

7.漁師(りょうし) : fisherman

8.農民(のうみん): farmers

9.裁判官(さいばんかん) : judge

10.警備員(けいびいん) : security guard

11.看護婦(かんごふ)  : nurse

12.医者(いしゃ) : doctor

Japanese vocabulary on careers 3:

Japanese vocabulary on careers 3

Japanese words on careers 3:

1.美容師 びようし : hairdresser.  師 means teacher, a person who have good skill.

2.歌手 かしゅ : Singer. The word 手 usualy used to replace human name

3.選手 せんしゅ : athlete. When we want to mention a athlete, just put the name of sports after senshu . For example sakkaa senshu means footballer, tenni-su senshu means tennis player…

4.作家 さっか : writers

5.建築家 けんちくか : architect

6.政治家 せいじか : politician

7.銀行員 ぎんこういん : bank clerk

8.役者 やくしゃ : actor

9.技師 ぎし:  engineer

10.機長 きちょう : pilot

11.記者 きしゃ : reporter

12.漫画家 まんがか : animator

Above are the list of Japanese vocabulary on careers, Check out other Japanese vocabulary by topic lessons in section: Japanese words by theme : Japanese words by theme.

If you find difficult on remember words, here are some references : how to learn Japanese

Learn Japanese daily hope you interested in learning Japanese.

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