Nobita’s dream – Doraemon jokes

Nobita’s dream – Doraemon jokes

Let’s learn Japanese through another Doraemon jokes : Nobita’s dream

nobita's dream - Doraemon jokes

The story’s content

Nobita: Maiban boku ha chichino youni maitsuki ichiman doru ga kasegareru yume wo miteiru.
Nobita : Everyday i have a dream that i coulde earn 10.000 USD per month like my father

Onnanoko: He-!! Oyousan ha sonnani okanemochi nano.
the girl : oh!! is your father so rich??

Nobita: Iya, tsumari….
Nobita : no, i mean…

Chichi mo boku no youni yume wo miteirunda.
My father also have the same dream with me

Some vocabulary in the story

稼ぐ:earn (money)

ドル:USD dollar


つまり:mean. in other way of speaking ~

夢を見る:have a dream

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