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Japanese をおいて grammar wooite
Japanese をおいて grammar wooite

Let’s learn Japanese をおいて grammar wooite :

JLPT level : N1

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Expresses the meaning “Beside N../Other than N..”.


Sekai de ichiban takai mono ha daiyamondo o oi te hoka ha nai to omou.
I think, in the world, there’s no other thing more expansive than diamond.

Anata no iken ni sansei suru hito ha kanojo o oi te hoka ni ha i nai desho u.
Nobody agrees with your opinion other than her.

Eigo o benkyou suru tame ni ryuugaku suru tsumori dattara, igirisu o oi te tekitou na kuni ha nai daro u.
If you plan to study abroad to study English, there will be no better country than UK.

Konpyuta. gurafikkusu o shi takattara, kono pasokon o oi te ii pasokon ha nai daro u.
If you want to do computer graphics design, there’s no better computer than this one.

Nippon no gendai bungaku no sakka o shirabe ta ikattara, haruki murakami o oi te yuumei na sakka ga i nai yo.
If you want to find out about the authors of modern Japanese literature, besides Haruki Murakami there are no authors more famous.

+) Often used to judge, describe a certain noun, indicating that nothing can be compared to that noun.
+) If used with 「何をおいても」 then the sentence means “Anyway”.

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