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Japanese ようによっては grammar youniyotteha
Japanese ようによっては grammar youniyotteha

Japanese ようによっては grammar youniyotteha :

JLPT level : N1

Formation :

Vます(remove ます)+ようによっては

Meaning and how to use :

Expresses the meaning “Depends on the way of thinking, doing or method, opinion that the result/consequence will be different.


Kangaeyo u niyotte ha, sore ha ii koudou ni naru daro u.
Depends on the point of view that it can be a good behavior.

Kono purojekuto ha muzukashii desu ga, yari you niyotte ha, seikou suru kamo shire nai.
This project is hard, but depend on the method it can be a success.

Tsukatta mono ha tsukai you niyotte ha, nani ka no yakudatsu no ja nai ka to omoi masu.
Depending on how you use the used goods, I think it can still be useful somewhere.

Hataraki you niyotte ha, kongetsu no bōnasu ga aru ka dou ka nai ka dou ka kimerare masu.
Depending on how you work, you can decide whether there is a bonus this month or not.

Yari you niyotte ha, kondo no keikaku ga hayaku dekiru.
Depends on how you work that the plan this time can be done quickly.

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