Japanese ようとしない grammar youtoshinai

Japanese ようとしない grammar youtoshinai
Japanese ようとしない grammar youtoshinai

Let’s learn Japanese ようとしない grammar youtoshinai :

JLPT level : N3

Formation :

Vよう(Volitional form)+としない

Meaning and how to use :

Not intend to, not want to do something. Always go with conscious verb.

For example

Tada oya wa miai ni ikase mashi ta. Boku wa kanojo to kekkon shiyo u to mo shi nai.
That was just because my parents forced me to go to a blind-date (a dating arranged by others). I didn’t intend to marry her.

kono kamera o kao u to shi nai. Naze nara ba, nisemono no yō da.
I don’t intend to buy this camera. Because it looks like a fake camera.

donnani kuzetsu shi te mo, chichi wa watashi ni asobi ni ikaseyo u to wa shi nai
No matter how I persuaded my father, I doesn;t allow me to go out.

seito wa sensei o mi ta ga, aisatsu o shiyo u to shi nai.
Students see their teachers, but they dont intend to greet them.

tatoe obiyakashi te mo, kare wa ganko shi te hitokoto mo io u to shi nai yo.
In spite of being threatened, he is stubborn and won’t reveal anything.

Related structures :

ようとする youtosuru

above is Japanese ようとしない grammar youtoshinai. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

You can search the structure you want by using the search tool on our website (using key : grammar + ‘structure name’ or you can find more Japanese grammar structures in the following category : Japanese grammar dictionary

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