Japanese とみえて grammar tomiete

Japanese とみえて grammar tomiete
Japanese とみえて grammar tomiete

Let’s learn Japanese とみえて grammar tomiete :

JLPT level : N4

Formation :

N/Aい/Vる +とみえて

Meaning and how to use :

1.Describe what you see, predict base on proof, basis.

For example

Kono ji ga muzukashii to mie te, dare mo yome nai da.
This letter seems very hard, no one can read it.

kono hoteru ha koukyuu to mie te, sābisu ryou ga takai da.
This hotel seems to be high class because of it expensive service.

kono ryouri ga oishii to mie te, kaori ga ii da.
This dish seem delicious, it smells nice.

nippon no michi ga seiketsu to mie te, gomi ga nai da.
Roads in Japan seem clean, because there;s no garbage.

kono umi ga kirei da to mie te, umi ga seiketsu da.
This sea beach beautiful because it’s clean.

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