Japanese 始末だ grammar しまつだ shimatsuda

Japanese 始末だ grammar しまつだ shimatsuda
Japanese 始末だ grammar しまつだ shimatsuda

Let’s learn Japanese 始末だ grammar しまつだ shimatsuda :

JLPT level : N1

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Expresses the meaning “due to someone’s behavior that a negative event happened.” The latter clause is the result/consequence of the former clause. Often translated as “as a result.”


Kanojo no ketten ya warui shuukan o zenbu minna no mae ni ii, kanojo ha watashi ni waruguchi o suru shimatsu da.
I told her faults and bad habits in front of everyone, as a result she went talking behind my back.

Boku ha taisetsu na shorui ni ookii misu mo shi tari shi te, kaigi no shiryou mo naku shi tari shi te, kubi ni naru shimatsu da,
I made a big mistake with some important documents and even lost the files related to the meeting, as a result I was fired.

Ane ha takusan zangyou shi, ta no shigoto mo shi, karada ga yowaku natte, nyuuin suru shimatsu da.
My sister worked extra shifts and do another job as well, as a result her body grew weaker and had to be hospitalized.

Shiken no mae ni nani mo fukushuu shi naku te, gēmu bakari shi te, aka ten o morau shimatsu da.
Before the exam I didn’t study again and only played game, as a result I got bad grades.

Mizuki chan ha tomodachi ni ijimerare te, nakidasu shimatsu da.
Mizuki was bullied by her friends, as a result she cried.


「この始末だ」 is a idiomatic way of saying, often translated as “so this is the consequence”. This way of saying often expresses the judgmental and critical attitude.

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