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Let’s learn Japanese ときたら grammar tokitara :

Japanese ときたら grammar tokitara

JLPT level : N1

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

1. Used to express the judgments or strong emotions of the speaker about N. The latter clause are words describing criticism or unfavored opinions.


Ano hito toki tara, itsumo kudaranai koto o itte, baka na koudou o shi, hontouni kuruu hito da.
About him, he always talk and do stupid things, what a crazy person.

Eibishi sha no shouhin toki tara, shitsu ga warui mono bakari desu yo.
Talking about ABC company’s products, they’re all low quality products.

Sono yatsu to ki tara, okane ga takusan atte mo, gyougi ga totemo warui desu.
Talking about that guy, even if he has a lot of money but his attitude is bad.

2. Expresses the meaning “In situation.., do..”. This structure is used when wanting to start the conversation with a noun.


Sushi o taberu toki tara, tokubetsu na doresshingu ga ii.
When eating sushi, a special sauce is not to be missed.

Hon o yomeru toki tara, shizuka na basho ga tekitou da.
When reading book, a quiet place is the most appropriate.

Karada ga hen na hyougen ga aru toki tara, yahari isha ni mi te moratta hou ga ii.
When your body is acting strange, you should see a doctor.

Note: Mostly used in verbal communications.

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