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Japanese ではなくて grammar dehanakuteJapanese ではなくて grammar dehanakute width=

Let’s learn Japanese ではなくて grammar dehanakute :

Japanese ではなくて grammar dehanakute

Formation :


Japanese ではなくて grammar dehanakute

Meaning and how to use :

Describe negative ideas “It is not that… but…”. The latter part of the sentence is to confirm the meaning.


Kore ha Tanaka san no kaban dehanakute watashi no desu.
This is not Mr. Tanaka’s bag but mine.

Anohito ha satou san dehanakute maria san desu.
That person is not Mrs. Sato but Mrs. Maria.

Konohon ha nakamura sakka ni kakareta nodehanakute, kenichi sakka ni kakareta.
This book was not written by writer Nakamura but written by writer Kenichi.

Anoshouhin amarika nodehanakute, nihon no desu.
That product is not from America but from Japan.

Kono hanashi wo kattata hito ha boku dehanakute nohara san desu.
The person who told this story is not me but Mr. Nohara.

Note: This is the correct way of saying. In speaking, it is in the form 「…じゃなくて」

Ref : tuhoconline

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