How to say Fighting in Japanese

How to say Fighting in Japanese

Hello everyone, saying “Fighting!” is a common way to encourage someone. Surely you have learned How to say Fighting in Japanese from the first lessons. But how many ways to say “Fighting!” in Japanese? In this post, Learn Japanese Daily will introduce to you the lesson: How to say Fighting in Japanese.

How to say Fighting in Japanese

How to say Fighting in Japanese

1. 頑張ってください (gambatte kudasai)

This is the most common and convenient way to say “Fighting!” in Japanese. Its variations are 頑張れ (ganbare : Hang in there)、頑張ろう (ganbarou : Let’s do our best)、頑張って(ganbatte : Good luck!)、頑張ってよ(gambatteyo: Do your best)、頑張ってね (gambattene : Do your best). However, you should only use this way of saying “Fighting!” to say to your friends, colleagues or the people with lower position than you. With the people with higher position than you, or in certain situations, we shouldn’t use this way.

In general, if you have just learned Japanese, or just want to learn some Japanese sentences for fun, learning this way of saying “Fighting!” is enough. Or you can refer to some other Japanese sentences.

Here are some other ways to say “Fighting!” in Japanese :

2. うまくいくといいね – I hope it goes well

「頑張れ」(gambare) means “Good luck!” in English. But when translating “Good luck!” to Japanese, we should translate to「うまくいくといいね!」. For people who have been trying so hard, if we tell them to try harder, sometimes they don’t know how to try. At that time, we should say [うまくいくといいね] to them.

3. じっくりいこうよ – Take it easy

For those who have tried their best, we just need to remind them to focus on the goal and go for it. Then this sentence will be very appropriate 😉

4. 無理はしないでね (muriha shinaidene) – Don’t overdo it / Don’t overwork yourself!

This sentence lets the listener know that he / she has put in a lot of effort, and it also reminds him / her not to try too hard, which can affect his / her health.

5. 元気だしてね – Cheer up! / 元気だせよ – Cheer up! / ガッツで – Fighting!

These sentence are suitable for situations when the listener suddenly feels depressed. Reminding him / her to regain his / her morale and concentration is very important.

6. Other ways to say “Fighting!” :

踏ん張ってね (fun batte ne) – Keep holding on!

気楽に行こうよ! (kiraku ni ikouyo) 気楽にね! (raku ni ne) – Relax! Take it easy! 

ベストを尽くしてね (besuto wo tsukushite ne) – Do your best

しっかり – Be careful

楽しんでね – Have fun! / Enjoy yourself (Used in sports, does not matter if you win or lose)

応援しています (ouen shite imasu) – I believe in you!. This sentence can be used to encourage someone with higher position than you 😉

How to respond when being encouraged in Japanese :

You can respond as follows :

はい – Yes

はい、頑張ります (hai, gambarimasu) – Yes, I will try my best.

はい、精一杯頑張ります (hai, seiippai gambarimasu) – Yes, I will do my best.

Above is How to say Fighting in Japanese. We hope you can choose for yourself the appropriate way to say “Fighting!”, as well as know how to respond when being encouraged. See other posts at category: How to speak Japanese

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3 thoughts on “How to say Fighting in Japanese

  • 25/01/2019 at 2:20 pm

    ganbatte kudasai là gì và ganbatte là gì ạ?

    • 25/01/2019 at 2:24 pm

      ganbatte tiếng nhật là cố lên bạn nhé. ganbatte kudasai tiếng Nhật cũng là cố lên. ganbatte kudasai là cách nói đầy đủ hơn và lịch sự hơn so với ganbatte. Từ này còn đọc là gambatte

  • 23/12/2020 at 9:32 am

    “Fighting!” Is not real English. I know that in Korea people say it as encouragement but it’s not a natural thing to say


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