10 japanese words per day 85

10 japanese words per day 8510 japanese words per day 85 .

10 japanese words per day 85. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 85

841. 公園

Reading : kouen
Meaning : park, public garden

Example :

Watashi no ie no chikaku ni kouen ga ari masu.
Near my house there is a park.

842. 中学

Reading : chuugaku
Meaning : junior high

Example :

Chuugaku no jikan ha ichiban kachi aru jikan da to iwareru.
People say junior high school is the most valuable time.

843. 成績

Reading : seiseki
Meaning : results, grade

Example :

Kono ko ha seiseki ga ii ko da.
This child has good grade.

844. 教科書

Reading : kyoukasho
Meaning : textbook, schoolbook

Example :

Minna, kyoukasho o motte i masu ka.
Do everyone bring the textbooks?

845. 席

Reading : seki
Meaning : seat, one’s place

Example :

Jibun no seki o modotte kudasai.
Go back to your seat.

846. 教室

Reading : kyoushitsu
Meaning : classroom, class

Example :

Boku no kyoushitsu ha hiroi desu.
My classroom is spacy.

847. 教師

Reading : kyoushi
Meaning : teacher, instructor

Example :

Watashi ha kyoushi de ha ari mase n.
I’m not a teacher.

848. 試験

Reading : shiken
Meaning : exam

Example :

Shiken ni fu goukaku datta.
I failed the exam.

849. 合格

Reading : goukaku
Meaning : pass an examination

Example :

Nihongo nouryoku shiken ni N2 o goukaku shi ta.
I passed N2 for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

850. 数学

Reading : suugaku
Meaning : mathematics

Example :

Suugaku ga nigate desu.
I bad at math.

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