Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 9

Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 9
Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 9

Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 9. Hi there! In order to provide you opportunities to search, review and study Japanese online through Minna no nihongo coursebook. In this post, Learn Japanese  online will summarize vocabulary, kanji and grammar of 50 Minna no nihongo lessons.

Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 9

      1. Vocabulary :

      No. Vocabulary Kanji Meaning
      1 わかります understand
      2 あります have (possess)
      3 すきな 好きな like (adj)
      4 きらいな 嫌いな hate (adj)
      5 じょうずな 上手な good
      6 へたな 下手な bad
      7 りょうり 料理 dishes, cooking work
      8 のみもの 飲み物 beverages
      9 やきゅう 野球 Basketball
      10 おんがく 音楽 music
      11 かぶき 歌舞伎 a kind of Japanese classical drama
      12 picture
      13 letter, character (for writing)
      14 かんじ 漢字 Kanji
      15 ひらがな hiragana letter
      16 かたかな katakana letter
      17 こまかい おかね 細かいお金 money change,  coin with low value
      18 じかん 時間 time
      19 ようじ 用事 things to do, personal business
      20 やくそく 約束 promise (n), meeting
      21 ごしゅじん ご主人 husband ( when talking about other’s husband)
      22 おっと husband ( when talking about our husband)
      23 おくさん 奥さん wife (when talking about other’s wife)
      24 つま/かない 妻 家内 wife ( when talking about our wife)
      25 こども 子供 children (son, daughter)
      26 よく good, clear ( about level)
      27 だいたい generally
      28 たくさん many, much
      29 すこし 少し few, little
      30 ぜんぜん 全然 Not at all
      31 はやく 早く early, rapid
      32 どうして why
      33 ~ から because ~
      34 ざんねんですね 残念 how regretful/ how sad
      35 すみません sorry
      36 スポーツ sport
      37 ダンス dance
      38 クラシック classical (music…)
      39 ジャズ jazz
      40 コンサート concert
      41 カラオケ karaoke
      42 ローマじ romaji letter
      43 チケット ticket (watching concert…)
      44 うた song

      2. Kanji

      3. Grammar

      Structure Meaning – usage Example
      1.N があります/わかります
      1. have/ understand, grasp something. hate/ good at/ bad at
      1. 私(わたし)は本(ほん)があります。
      I have book.
      2. 私(わたし)は音楽(おんがく)が好き(すき)です。
      I like music.
      どんな + N ask about name of thing, object that belongs
      to a broad categories. Or ask about how
      things/people are. What, How
      What language do you like?
      I like Japanese.
      These are adverbs standing before verb to
      modify it.
      I understand English quite well.
      I don’t understand well.
      sentence 1 からsentence 2 because ~ so ~ 時間(じかん)がありませんから、本(ほん)を
      Because I have little time, I don’t read book.
      どうして why どうして今日(きょう)は早く(はやく)かえります
      Why do you go back home so early today?
      Because I have something to do.

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