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Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 38

Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 38

Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 38. Hi there! In order to provide you opportunities to search, review and study Japanese online through Minna no nihongo coursebook. In this post, Learn Japanese  online will summarize vocabulary, kanji and grammar of 50 Minna no nihongo lessons.

Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 38

  1. Vocabulary :
1そだてます育てますGrow, plant
3なくなります亡くなりますdie, pass away
4にゅういんします入院しますgo to hospital, hospitalization
5たいいんします退院しますdischarge (from hospital)
6いれます入れますturn on (electric switch)
7きります切りますturn off (electric switch)
8かけます掛けますlock (a key)
10きもちがわるい気持ちが悪いuncomfortable, displeasing,
13あかちゃん赤ちゃんnew born baby
14しょうがっこう小学校primary school
15ちゅうがっこう中学校secondary school
16えきまえ駅前in front of the station
19しょるい書類paper, document
20でんげん電源energy source
21あ、いけないopps/ oh my god
22おさきにしつれいしますお先に失礼しますexcuse me, I have to go now
23∼せい∼製made in∼
24げんばくドーム原爆ドームAtomic bomb dome, a monument in Hiroshima
25かいらん回覧circulation, moving around
27きちんとaccurately, exactly, precisely
29∼というほん∼という本the book named…
30さつvolume (classifier for book)
31はんこseal, sign (n)
32おします押します(はんこを∼)stamp (v) a seal

         2. Kanji

         3. Grammar

StructureMeaning – usageExample
Vるのは Adj です。explain something more specificly by using Adj. Change V into a subject日本語(にほんご)をべんきょうするのは
Studying Japanese is very interesting.
Vるのが Adj です。explain something more specificly by using Adj expressing ablitity, hobby.私(わたし)は日本語(にほんご)を勉強(べんきょう)するのが好き(すき)です。
I like studying Japanese.
Vるのを忘れましたforget to do something花(はな)を買う(かう)のを忘れ(わすれ)ました。
I forgot to by flower.
Vろのを知っていますか。do you know ~~ ?秋(あき)さんが来週(らいしゅう)結婚(けっこん)するのを
Do you know that Aki will get married next week?
V/ Adj/ N な ( Normal form) のは
+ Noun です。
The thing that ~~ is ~~わたしが生まれ(うまれ)たのは大きな(おおきな)町(まち)です。
The place where I was born is a big city.
∼ときの∼/ときや∼/ときに…とき  can go with many parts of speech, it is also followed by particle.うれしい時(とき)や、悲しい(かなしい)時(とき)など、泣い(ない)ています。
regardless of being happy or sad, I also cry.

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