Learn minna no nihongo lesson 48

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Learn minna no nihongo lesson 48

Let’s learn minna no nihongo lesson 48!

Learn minna no nihongo lesson 48

1. Vocabulary 

1おろす降ろすput down, lower
2とどける届けるdeliver, report
3せわをする世話をするtake care of ~
4いやな嫌なunwilling, reluctant
5きびしい厳しいstrict, hard
6じゅくcram school
9ものperson (referring to one’s relatives or subordinates)
10にゅうかん入管Immigration Bureau
11さいにゅうこくビザ再入国ビザre-entry visa
13いいことですねThat’s good
14ひさしぶり久しぶりIt’s been a long time/Long time no see
15かまいませんIt’s all right / It’s doesn’t matter
18こころheart, mind
19∼かん∼間interval, period of time
20おいそがしいですかお忙しいですかAre you busy?
21えいぎょう営業business, sales
22それまでにby that time
23たのしむ楽しむenjoy oneself

2. Kanji

徒 : People, On foot

生徒 (seito) : pupil

徒歩 (toho) : walking

息 : Breath, Son, Interest (on money)

息子 (musuko) : son

利息 (risoku) : interest (on a loan, deposit)

娘 : Daughter, Girl

娘 (musume) : daughter

留 : Detain, Halt, Stop

留学 (ryuugaku) : studying abroad

留守 (rusu) : absence, being away from home

君 : Mister, You, Male name suffix

君達 (kimitachi) : you (plural), you all

忙 : Busy, Occupied, Restless

忙しい (isogashii) : busy

多忙 (tabou) : being very busy

届 : Deliver, Arrive, Report

届ける (todokeru) : deliver

遊 : Play

遊ぶ (asobu) : play

遊園地 (yuuenchi) : amusement park

久 : Long time, Old story

久しい (hisashii) : long (time that has passed), old (story)

永久 (eikyuu) : eternity, permanence

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