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Learn minna no nihongo lesson 20

Learn minna no nihongo lesson 20

Hi everyone, in this post, Learn Japanese Daily will introduce you the next lesson in the seri : Minna no nihongo (Japanese for everyone) : Learn minna no nihongo lesson 20:

1. Vocabulary :

調べますresearch, investigate, check up
直しますrepair, fix
修理しますmaintain, repair
電話しますcall (phone)
6ぼくI (vocative of a man)
7きみyou (close relationship)
10ぶっか物価cost, price
12はじめ初めfirst (n)
13おわり終わりend, finish (n)
14こっちover here
15そっちover there
16あっちover there
17どっちwhich way
19みんなでwith every one
20~けどbut, however
21∼くんadding to name of a boy, chummily call
22ううんNo, intimate calling of いいえ
23サラリーマンemployee, salaryman, office worker
25くにへかえるの国へ帰るのdo you return to you home country?
26どうするのWhat to do ?
27どうしようかなwhat should I (we) do?
28よかったらIf it’s ok…
29いろいろmany things

2. Kanji

部 : Section

部屋 (heya) : room

部長 (buchou) : head (chief, director) of a section or department

屋 : Roof, House

屋根 (yane) : roof

屋外 (okugai) : outdoors

室 : Room, Apartment

教室 (kyoushitsu) : classroom

会議室 (kaigishitsu) : conference room

窓 : Window

窓 (mado) : window

窓口 (madoguchi) : ticket window, counter

開 : Open

開ける (akeru) : to open

開発 (kaihatsu) : development

閉 : Close, Shut

閉める (shimeru) : to close, to shut

閉会 (heikai) : closure (of ceremony, event)

歌 : Song, Sing

歌 (uta) : song

歌う (utau) : to sing

歌手 (kashu) : singer

意 : Idea, Mind

意味 (imi) : meaning

意見 (iken) : opinion, view

味 : Flavor, Taste

味 (aji) : flavor, taste

趣味 (shumi) : hobby

天 : Sky

天 (ten) : sky

天気 (tenki) : weather

考 : Consider, Thought

考える (kangaeru) : to think over, to consider

考案 (kouan) : plan, invention

Above is the content of the Vocabulary and Kanji section of lesson 20, please see the grammar structures on the next page.

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