Learn Japanese for beginer lesson 1

Learn Japanese for beginer lesson 1

Learn Japanese for beginer lesson 1

Learn Japanese for beginer lesson 1. hi everyone. In this post, Learn Japanese Daily  will introduce you the very first lessons in the Japanese course-book : Minna no nihongo (Japanese for everyone)

Learn Japanese for beginer lesson 1

Summary :

One of the most difficult languages to learn in the World is Japanese. Despite the difficulties, many people stills learning Japanese for their own reasons. To find out more about Japanese language. The lesson: “Introduction of Japanese language” will introduce to you 2 main contents: the background information of Japanese language and the writing systems of Japanese

The background information of Japanese language: Nowadays, the demand of learning Japanese is increasing. There are some reasons to explain for it.

First of all, Japanese is one of the languages that has a great influence on global development.

Second, many people want to study abroad and work in Japan.

Third, Japanese culture and custom are very diverse and rich. According to the recent statistics, Japanese is developed in many countries around the World. Especially, in United States the number of Japanese learners, institutions and teachers have all increased sharply in last several decades. However, the rapid increase of Japanese learners has led to a problem that is the numbers of learners still increasing while the human resources still lacking. Japanese is considered the second difficult language in the World, if learners focus on 3 points, it will be easier to study. The pronunciation, it doesn’t have complicated word stress and also a few words that are pronounce different from English.

Next, the intonation of Japanese sounds soft and gentle.

Finally, grammar is different from English that makes learners quite confused.

The writing systems of Japanese: Unlike English which has 26 letters, Japanese has 4 different sets of characters. There are 3 main systems (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji) and the last is the Romaji. First is the Hiragana represents Japanese language. Second, Katakana represents foreign words. Third, Kanji is borrowed from Chinese characters and the last system Romaji is the Latin script.

In conclusion, the aim of the lesson is to help learners can find out more information about Japanese language and also to understand the functions of each writing systems before starting to learn the course of Japanese.

Above is Learn Japanese for beginer lesson 1. Check out other similar lesson in category : learn japanese for beginer or learn japanese with minna no nihongo. We hope with the intruction in this post, you will find that learning Japanese is not so difficult and you can learn Japanese by yourseft. If you have any question, just leave us your question below the post.

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