10 japanese words per day 4

10 japanese words per day 410 japanese words per day 4 .

10 japanese words per day 4. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests.

10 japanese words per day 4

31. そう

Reading : sou
Meaning : so, that way

Example :

Boku ha sou itteimasen yo.
I didn’t said that.

32. もう

Reading : mou
Meaning : already, yet, not …. anymore

Example :

Kare ha mou koko ni imasen.
He’s not here anymore.

33. 学生

Reading : gakkusei
Meaning : student

Example :

Ano gakusei ha seiseki ga ii desu.
That student’s scholastic performance is good .

34. 熱い

Reading : atsui
Meaning : hot (to touch)

Example :

Atsui mizu wo nondehaikemasen.
don’t drink hot water.

35. どうぞ

Reading : douzo
Meaning : please

Example :

Douzo yoroshiku.
Nice to meet you (i ask for your help !)

36. 午後

Reading : gogo
Meaning : afternoon, p.m.

Example :

Kyou no gogo aimashou.
Let’s meet this afternoon.

37. 長い

Reading : nagai
Meaning : long

Example :

Kare ga iitai koto ga nagai desu.
What he wants to say is long

38. 本

Reading : hon
Meaning : book, volume

Example :

Sensei kara moratta hon ha mada atarashii desu.
The book that I received from my teacher is still new.

39. 今年

Reading : kotoshi
Meaning : this year (colloquial)

Example :

Kotoshi ha 2017 nen desu.
This year is 2017.

40. よく

Reading : yoku
Meaning : often, well

Example :

Sadou juugyou ni yoku shussekishimasu ne.
You usually take part in tea art class

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