Japanese vocabulary on Food – Japanese words by theme

Japanese vocabulary on Food

Hi, in this article, Learn Japanese online will introduce to you the Japanese vocabulary list by theme : Japanese vocabulary on food

Japanese vocabulary on food 1:

Japanese vocabulary on Food

1. 油  あぶら : oil . Japanese people usually say 食用油(しょくようあぶら)means oil for cooking.

2.梅干し  うめぼし. うめ : umeboshi plum

3.めぼし is used when making obento (lunch box). 干すほす means dry up. the letter ほ change into ぼ

4.鴨肉  かもにく also call  あひるにく :  duck meat.  かも and あひる are means duck

5.缶詰 かんづめ:  canned food   缶 means can つめる means to stuff.  The letter つ change into づ

6.牛肉  ぎゅうにく :  beef. 牛 (ushi) in this case read gyuu (onyomi)

7.牛ひき肉  うしひきにく:  ground beef. The letter 引く(ひく)means pull, it means put the meat into the grinder then pull it like noodle, just see ひき肉 means ground meat.

8.子牛の肉 こうしのにく :calf  こうし means cow . 牛 in this case read ushi ( kunyomi).

9.チーズ  : cheese

10.羊の肉   ひつじのにく : lamb ひつじ : sheep

11.小麦粉 こむぎこ : flour

12.米 こめ : rice

13.魚 さかな :  fish

Japanese vocabulary on food p2:

Japanese vocabulary on food p2:

1. ジャム  : jam

2. ソーセージ :  sausage

3. 卵(たまご): egg,  it usually sell in the supermarket in Japan, mostly are Indsustrial eggs (sell in tray, each tray/ 10 eggs. Japan eggs are very cheap, about 100 yen/10 eggs .

4. ツナ ( also call すずき same as human name) : tuna. this kind is smaller than tuna from the ocean

5. 手羽(てば): chicken wings . 手  (て) means hand, and  羽  (ば) means wings.

6. 豆腐 とうふ : tofu

7. 鶏肉(けいにく) chicken meat, けい means chicken, mostly Japanese people when mention to chicken meat they regularly say toriniku (tori means bird, chicken is  niwatori), they don’t say niwatoriniku. The word 肉 (niku) when it comes after an animal name, it means that meat of it. For example: buta niku : pork, inu niku (dog meat – is the food that most Japanese people can’t eat because they treat a dog like a member of their family, and consider it to be the most loyal animal.

8. 鶏ひき肉(とりひきにく): chicken minced meat

9. 納豆(なっと) : natto, made from soybeans. It is one of the special food in Japan, it has powerful smell, strong flavor. Some people feel hard to eat this, but other person think it is cool.

10. 肉(にく) : meat

11. 乳製品(にゅうせいひん): dairy products

12. パスタ  :  pasta

Japanese vocabulary on food p3:

Japanese vocabulary on food p3

1. バター     : butter

2. ハム    :  ham

3. パン     : bread

4. 豚ひき肉 (ぶたひきにく)   : ground pork

5. ベーコン    : bacon

6. マーガリン    :  margarine

7. もも肉 (ももにく)   : leg (meat)

8. ライ麦パン (らいむぎパン): rye bread  .  ライ means rice , 麦(むぎ)is flour パン is bread

9. 冷凍食品  (れいとうしょくひん)  : frozen food. The word  冷凍 (reitou : frozen, chilled) 食品 means food.

10. レバー    :   liver

11. キムチ    : kimchi (from Korea)

Above are the list of Japanese vocabulary on food. If there be any words related to time topic which did not appear on this list, please comment below.

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