The route to japanese proficiency

The route to japanese proficiency

route to japanese proficiency

The route to japanese proficiency. As a beginner of Japanese or self Japanese learner, you might not be able to identify what to do first, or what is the best way we should follow? To help you build a good orientation, Learn Japanese Online is going to introduce to you the Japanese self-learning route with several effective steps that Japanese learners often go through.

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route to japanese proficiency :

Step 1 : For learners who are completely new or know nothing about Japanese, the two first things to begin with are Hiragana and Katakana characters. You should spend 2 – 3 days in these units as they’re very important. Suppose that you study hard, it will only take you 3 days to absorb all these characters. This is the essential background in your road to master the Japanese language.

In this process, you can also learn vocabularies from the catergory of N5. You could learn words that you are interested in along with the two charts : Hiragana and Katakana. To get more related lessons, go to Basic Japanese.

Step 2 : After finishing Hiragana and Katakana, you should learn Minnano Nihongo coursebook. This is a widely used coursebook and is posted by variety of websites. It helps you learn Japanese more easily. You can also watch reference videos guiding you to learn the Minna no Nihongo coursebook on youtube.

In combination with this step, you can learn new words at  1000 common Japanese words to increase your vocabulary. Each of Minna lessons has a certain amount of Kanji, you should regularly build up your Kanji as well as new words.

Challenging the JLPT : While you are studying Minnano Nihongo book, you can absolutely challenge the JLPT, self-studying  Minnano nihongo coursebook and challenge the test work well in supporting each other. After you have finished lesson number 10 of Minnano Nihongo coursebook, you can try the N5 test. Consulting vocabulary, grammatical Kanji on Learn Japanese online is very neccessary. You should do the online tests in accordance with your capability to determine your strong point as well as your weak point.

Step 4 : When you have completed 50 basic Minna no nihongo lessons, you can then move on to learn minna no nihongo chuukyu (intermediate) and focus more on studying for N3, N2, N1 test.

You can determine your level by checking list of vocabularies sort by level on learn japanese daily. You have a big chance to pass the test if you know about 70% of the words.

Practice speaking and listening : practicing speaking and listening Japanese are the works you must do from the beginning along with studying grammar. However, once you get to N3 level, you should concentrate more on listening and speaking than grammar. At N3 level your communication skill is relatively good. Watching cartoons, TV shows also helps you to improve listening and speaking ablility and your vocabulary too.

Before you aim at N1. Before thinking of the highest level to master in JLPT, you have to assure that you have been really confident to communicate on the basis of N2 level. If not, it’s high time you practiced harder. N1 is more advanced, you will use more expensive words, phrases in this level… However if you are not very good at speaking and listening Japanese, (even though you’re in  N1 level), employer won’t appreciate you 🙂 Therefore, you need to master those two skill first.

How long does it take to learn Japanese ?

It’s not too difficult to finish this route, but the important thing is how fast you  can go. It relies on your concentration and determination. Usually, a college student spends 4 years in lecture-room and then graduates with level of N2 (however most of them are bad at listening and speaking, they need at least 6 months in working environment to be able to communicate with Japanese).

But if you do self-study, the time completely depends on you, you can get the N3 in 1 year, then master the N2 in next 2 years. However, many people will give up or make no improvement due to their lack of effort and persistence.

Above is the route to japanese proficiency with several effective steps that Japanese learners often go through. I wish you reach your goal as soon as possible 🙂

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