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Japanese わざわざ grammar wazawaza
Japanese わざわざ grammar wazawaza

Let’s learn Japanese わざわざ grammar wazawaza :

JLPT level : N3

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

1.Describe an intentional event or thing that other person did.

For example

Wazawaza watashi no tokoro he ki te kure te arigatou gozai mashi ta.
I really apreciate it when you managed to come to see me.

松本さんは 私が学校に忘れた教科書をうちまでわざわざとどけてくれた。
matsumoto san ha watashi ga gakkou ni wasure ta kyoukasho o uchi made wazawaza to doke te kure ta.
Mr.Matsumoto has troubled himself to bring me the text book that I forgot at school (i really appriciate his kindness).

netsu toi kara, wazawaza hanataba made katte o mimai ni itta noni sono ko ga dekake ta to iu.
Because she told me that she’s sick, I bought her flowers. However she wasn’t home.

「わざわざ 手作りの花をくれてありがとう。」
‘wazawaza tedukuri no hana o kure te arigatou.’
“Thank you for giving me flowers. ”

わざわざ 家まで送ってくれてありがとう。
wazawaza ie made okutte kure te arigatou.
Thank you for troubling yourself to bring me home.

Note :
わざわざ:Is used to express our gratefulness to another person.

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