Japanese だけましだ grammar dakemashida

Japanese だけましだ grammar dakemashida
Japanese だけましだ grammar dakemashida

Japanese だけましだ grammar dakemashida :

JLPT level : N1

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Expresses the meaning “Although the situation now is not very good, but at least it’s not worse.” Often translated as “lucky it’s still not..”


Koko kara hakkiri mie nai ga, osoku ki tara mieru basho ga nai dake mashi da.
I can’t see clearly from here but it’s still lucky that we still got seats, if we’d got here late we won’t even be able to see anything.

Jiko ni atte, chiisai kega o shi ta. Kossetsu shi nai dake mashi da.
Because of the accident, I got minor injures. It’s still lucky that I don’t have anything broken.

Dorobou ni heya ni hairare te, kachi ga aru mono o nusumare te shimatta. Okane o nusumare nai dake mashi da.
A thief broke into my room and stole my valuable things. It’s still lucky that they didn’t steal any money.

Daisuki na hon ga nan mai mo yabure te shimatta ga, zenbu yabure nai dake mashi da.
The book that I like has some tattered pages, but it’s still lucky that not all of the pages are that way.

Kono ryouri ga chotto mazui desu ga, taberareru dake mashi da.
This dish is a little bad but it’s lucky that it’s still edible.

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