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Japanese こととて grammar kototote
Japanese こととて grammar kototote

Japanese こととて grammar kototote :

JLPT level : N1

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Describe the reason to apologize, ask for forgiveness. Often translated as “Because..so”.


Kodomo no kangae nu kotoba no koto to te, oyurushi kudasai.
Because it was a child’s naive thoughts so please forgive him/her.

Kyuu na koto no koto to te, o shitsurei itashi masu.
Because I have an urgen matter so please excuse me.

Shira nai koto to te, nani mo go youi itashi mase n. Moushiage masu.
Because I didn’t know so I didn’t prepare anything. I’m so sorry.

Kare ha furesshuman no koto to te, oyurushi kudasai.
He’s new so please forgive him.

Totsuzen o houmon suru koto to te hontouni moushiage masu.
To suddenly visit you like this, I’m truly sorry.

Note: There are cases where Vぬ can be used, it’s a more formal, literary way to use of Vない.

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