Japanese と言えども といえども grammar toiedomo

Japanese と言えども といえども  grammar toiedomo
Japanese と言えども といえども  grammar toiedomo

Let’s learn Japanese と言えども といえども  grammar toiedomo :

Japanese と言えども といえども  grammar toiedomo

JLPT level: N1



Meaning and how to use:

Expressing the meaning “though, even though…” This structure is used when a person has enough capacity and normal can do things in scope but the reality might be opposite to it.


1. 教師と言えども、ときどきミスをすることもある。
kyoushi to iedomo, tokidoki misu wo suru kotomo aru
even being a teacher, she/she sometimes made mistakes

2. 親友と言えども、個人の個性と趣味を尊重されなきゃならない。
Shinyuu to iedomo, kojin no kosei to shumi o sonchou sa renakya naranai.
Despite being close friends, they must respect the interests and personalities of individuals.

3. そんなに元気な山田さんと言えども、風邪がかかったよ。
Sonnani genkina Yamada-san to iedomo, kaze ga kakatta yo.
Even though Yamada is so healthy, he had a cold.

4. 大きい社会の社長と言えども、間違った命令を出すときもある。
Ookii shakai no shachō to iedomo, machigatta meirei o dasu toki mo aru.
Despite being a big company director, he sometimes gives the wrong order.

5. 親と言えども、ときどき子供の権利を影響することもする。
Oya to iedomo, tokidoki kodomo no kenri o eikyou suru koto mo suru.
Despite being parents, they sometimes violate the children’s interest.

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Ref : tuhoconline

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