Japanese と言えども toiedomo といえども grammar toiedomo

Japanese と言えども toiedomo といえども grammar toiedomo
Japanese と言えども toiedomo といえども grammar toiedomo

Let’s learn Japanese と言えども(といえども、toiedomo) grammar toiedomo:

JLPT level: N1



Meaning and how to use:

Expressing the meaning “though, even though…” This structure is used when a person has enough capacity and normal can do things in scope but the reality might be opposite to it.


kyoushi to iedomo, tokidoki misu wo suru kotomo aru
even being a teacher, she/she sometimes made mistakes

Shinyuu to iedomo, kojin no kosei to shumi o sonchou sa renakya naranai.
Despite being close friends, they must respect the interests and personalities of individuals.

Sonnani genkina Yamada-san to iedomo, kaze ga kakatta yo.
Even though Yamada is so healthy, he had a cold.

Ookii shakai no shachō to iedomo, machigatta meirei o dasu toki mo aru.
Despite being a big company director, he sometimes gives the wrong order.

Oya to iedomo, tokidoki kodomo no kenri o eikyou suru koto mo suru.
Despite being parents, they sometimes violate the children’s interest.

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Above is Japanese と言えども(といえども、toiedomo) grammar toiedomo. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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