Japanese お…になる grammar o…ninaru

Japanese お…になる grammar o…ninaru
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Let’s learn Japanese お…になる grammar o…ninaru:

Formation :

おVます(remove ます)+になる

Meaning and how to use :

This is a reverent way of speaking that is used to describe the actions of a person with a higher position than the speaker.


Kore ha shachou ga okaki ni natta tegami degozaimasu.
This is a letter written by the manager.

Yamada sama ha mou odekake ni narimashita.
Mr. Yamada has already gone out.

Kare ha kokode san jikan mo omachi ni narimashita.
He waited here for 3 hours.

Furansu daihyou ha gokikoku ni narimashita.
The French delegate has returned to the country.

Nani wo o kaki ni narimasuka.
What will you write?

Note: This is a reverent way of speaking. In case of using with Chinese-Japanese nouns, we use the form「ごNになる」, but it is limited to some words. When using in the form「てください」, it indicates a polite invitation.

Above is Japanese お…になる grammar o…ninaru. If you don’t understand the signs we used in formation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

You can search the structure you want by using the search tool on our website (using key : grammar + ‘structure name’ or you can find more Japanese grammar structures in the following category : Japanese grammar dictionary

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