How to use Japanese particles で

How to use Japanese particle で

Hi everyone, in this series of articles, Learn Japanese daily will introduce to you to How to use Japanese particle で.

How to use particle で:

Describe where the action took place:

honyade honwo kaimashita
I bought a book at a bookstore.

Express the scope when you want to say the highest level (the most beautiful, the nicest, the largest, the richest):

konomuradeha kareha ichiban kanemochidesu
He is the richest man in this village.

kono kurasudeha kanojoha ichiban atamaga iidesu
She is the smartest in this class.

Describe mean and method used

kurumade kimashita
I went by car.

Describe the range of time

kono shukudaiha ichijikande owarimasu
This homework finishes in one hour.

Describe the cause, the reason:

amede dekakerarenakatta
Because of the rain, I couldn’t go out

Express the subject of action:

futaride yarimashou
Let’s do it with two people

Describe materials used:

kono kurumaha purasuchikkude tsukurareta
This car was made of plastic.

Above are examples and how to use particle で. See more other particles in category : Japanese particles

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