How to use Japanese particle と

How to use Japanese particle と

How to use Japanese particle と . In Japanese there are many particles used commonly such as を, が ,は , も … These words are used very commonly in ordinary conversation. In this article, Learn Japanese daily will introduce to you particle と

How to use Japanese particle と

How to use particle と :

1. Used to link nouns :

watashito kimusanha su-pa-de ringoto bananaawo kaimashita
Kim and I bought apples and bananas at the supermarket.

tabemono ha pan to tamago desu.
Foods are bread and egg.

2. Express results:

konkaino shikende goukakuto nattaninzuha 21ninda
21 people passed this exam.

3. Express transformation

iyoiyo nichiyouto natta
It was finally Sunday.

kareha hatachito natta
He was 20 years old.

4. Used to quote in an indirect sentence

Tanakasanha kyou konaito iimashita
Mr. Tanaka said he would not come today.

Kentakun ha, asoko no suupaa ha yasui to omoimashita.
Kenta said that supermarket was cheap.

5. Express the content of the think, imagine:

goukakudekiruto omou
I think I can pass.

nihongo ha muzukashii to omoiimasu.
I think Japanese is difficult.

6. Used in conditional sentences, if the preceding condition occurs, the following will happens

tenkiga warukunaruto karega yasumu
He will rest when the weather is bad

okanega naito nandemo kaemasen.
If you don’t have money, you can’t change anything.

7. Express the continuation of the action

kareha kaishani kuruto sugu toireni haiiru
He goes to the toilet as soon as he comes to company.

Okiruto sugu kao arau
Wash my face as soon as I wake up

Above is the common how to use particle と. Please learn other particles in Japanese particles on Learn Japanese daily.

Wish you study well !

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