Greetings in Japanese – How to say hello and so on

Greetings in Japanese?Greetings in Japanese - How to say hello and so on

Ways of greetings in Japanese :

What are ways of greetings in Japanese

1. Basic greeting

お 早う御座います (おはよう ございます ohayou gozaimasu) – Good morning! Used in the morning, from early morning to 10 a.m, this is a formal way. If you’re close with the person, you can use  お早う (おはよう ohayou) only, this is used for people who are close.

今 日は こんにちは konnichiha – Good day! Used from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

今 晩は こんばんは konbanha. Good evening/night! Used from 6 p.m. till late at night.

2. Greetings in various situations

おひさしぶり – Long time no see! Add です to sound more formal.

もしもし – Hello! (when picking up the phone).

はじめまして – Nice to see you/Pleased to meet you)! (When you first meet someone)

Special greetings

おす – Morning short form of お早う御座います, used for people who are extremely close.

よ : Hi! Used for people who are close.


Most common way – さようなら – Goodbye!

おやすみなさい – Goodnight!

じゃ、また – See you later!

またあした- See you tomorrow!

またあいましょう- See you next time!

バイバイ : Bye bye

Above are some ways of greetings in Japanese Learn Japanese daily wants to share with you.

Learn Japanese daily hopes you can find yourself a way that suits you the best

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