10 japanese words per day 7

10 japanese words per day 710 japanese words per day 7 .

10 japanese words per day 7. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests.

10 japanese words per day 7

61. 住む

Reading : sumu
Meaning : live, reside

Example :

Aomori ni sundeimasu.
I’m living in Aomori.

62. 働く

Reading : hataraku
Meaning : work

Example :

Isshokenmei ha hatarakanakyanaranai,
I must work hard.

63. 難しい

Reading : muzukashii
Meaning : difficult

Example :

Muzukashii mondai wo tokeraremasen.
I can’t solve the difficult question.

64. 先生

Reading : sensei
Meaning : teacher

Example :

Sono hito ha watashi no sensei desu yo.
That man is my teacher.

65. 立つ

Reading : tatsu
Meaning : stand, rise

Example :

Sensei ga kurasu ni hairuto, minnaha tattekudasai.
We have to stand up when our teacher comes in.

66. 呼ぶ

Reading : yobu
Meaning : call, name

Example :

Namae wo yobaremasu.
My name was called.

67. 大学

Reading : daigaku
Meaning : university, college

Example :

Daigaku ni goukakushimashita.
To get into university (passed the entrance exam).

68. 安い

Reading : yasui
Meaning : cheap, inexpensive

Example :

Nihon no bukka ha yasui desuka.
is cost of living in Japanese cheap?

69. もっと

Reading : motto
Meaning : more

Example :

Motto benkyoushitehoshii.
I want you to study harder.

70. 帰る

Reading : kaeru
Meaning : go back home

Example :

Issho ni kaerimashou.
Let’s go home together.

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