10 japanese words per day 63

10 japanese words per day 6310 japanese words per day 63 .

10 japanese words per day 63. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 63

621. 集まる

Reading : atsumaru
Meaning : gather, be collected

Example :

Mina, gakkou no mae ni atsumatte kudasai.
Everyone please gather in front of the school.

622. 場所

Reading : basho
Meaning : place, space

Example :

Pikkunikku no basho o mitsuke te i masu.
I’m looking for a place to go picnic

623. 海

Reading : umi
Meaning : sea, ocean

Example :

Umi ni iki tai naa.
I want to go to the sea.

624. 少年

Reading : shounen
Meaning : boy (between 7 and 18 years old)

Example :

Shounen ha supōtsu ga ichiban suki desu ne.
The boys must like sports the most.

625. 孫

Reading : mago
Meaning : grandchild

Example :

Mago ga roku nin i masu.
I have 6 grandchilds.

626. 生徒

Reading : seito
Meaning : pupil, student

Example :

Watashi no seito ha ii ko domo desu.
My students are good kids.

627. 高校

Reading : koukou
Meaning : high school (for short)

Example :

Koukou kayou koto o yame ta.
I quit going to high-school.

628. 年上

Reading : toshiue
Meaning : older, senior

Example :

Senpai ha jibun yori toshiue no hito wake de ha nai.
Seniors don’t necessary have to be older than you.

629. 卒業

Reading : sotsugyou
Meaning : graduation

Example :

Daigaku o sotsugyou shi go, sugu ii shigoto o mitsuke ta.
After graduation I landed on a nice job.

630. 運動

Reading : undou
Meaning : movement, exercise

Example :

Undou taikai ha mousugu okonawareru ne.
The sports convention is about to be held soon.

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