10 japanese words per day 61

10 japanese words per day 6110 japanese words per day 61 .

10 japanese words per day 61. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 61

601. なるほど

Reading : naruhodo
Meaning : I see, really

Example :

Naruhodo, kare ha doui shi mase n.
Indeed, he does not agree.

602. つまり

Reading : tsumari
Meaning : in short, that is to say

Example :

Tsumari kekka ha make ta toiu koto desu ka.
In short, the result is that you lost isn’t it?

603. そのまま

Reading : sonomama
Meaning : as it is, just like that

Example :

Sonomama ni shi te kudasai.
Please leave it as it be.

604. はっきり

Reading : hakkiri
Meaning : clearly

Example :

Kono meirei o hakkiri kiki mashi ta ka.
Did you hear this order clearly?

605. 大変

Reading : taihen
Meaning : awful, hard

Example :

Ichi nin de kodomo o go nin sodatsu no ha taihen desu ne.
It’s hard to care for five children alone, isn’t it

606. 簡単

Reading : kantan
Meaning : simple, easy

Example :

Kono mondai ha kantan ja nai yo.
This problem isn’t easy.

607. 似ている

Reading : niteiru
Meaning : look like, resemble

Example :

Boku ha chichi ni sokkuri ni te iru.
I look like my father.

608. 驚く

Reading : odoroku
Meaning : be surprised, be startled

Example :

Oogoe de odoroi ta.
I was surprised by the loud voice.

609. 嫌

Reading : iya/ kira-i
Meaning : dislike (situational)

Example :

Boku ha doubutsu ga kirai desu.
I dislike animals.

610. 喧嘩

Reading : kenka
Meaning : fight, argument

Example :

Kyoudai ha tokidoki kenka suru koto mo aru.
Brothers fight sometimes.

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