10 japanese words per day 5

10 japanese words per day 510 japanese words per day 5 .

10 japanese words per day 5. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests.

10 japanese words per day 5

41. 彼女

Reading : kanojo
Meaning : she, one’s girlfriend

Example :

Kanojo ha kirei deune.
She’s so beautiful.

42. どう

Reading : dou
Meaning : how, what

Example :

Ano hito ha doudesuka.
How is that person?

43. 言葉

Reading : kotoba
Meaning : word, language

Example :

Ano kotoba ha “isha” desuka.
Does that word mean “doctor”?

44. 顔

Reading : kao
Meaning : face

Example :

Tanaka sensei no kao wo shitteimasuka.
Do you know Tanaka’s face?

45. 終わる

Reading : owaru
Meaning : finish, end

Example :

Touryokusuru jikan ga owarimashita.
Registration time has been over.

46. 一つ

Reading : hitotsu
Meaning : one (thing)

Example :

Ato hitotsu kudasai.
Give me one more.

47. あげる

Reading : ageru
Meaning : give, offer (colloquial)

Example :

Tomodachi ni omiyage wo agemasu.
I give you a gift.

48. こう

Reading : kou
Meaning : like this, such

Example :

Kou omotteimasuka.
Do you think like this?

49. 学校

Reading : gakkou
Meaning : school

Example :

Watashi no gakkou ha toukyoudaigaku desu.
My university is Tokyo university.

50. くれる

Reading : kureru
Meaning : be given

Example :

Chichi ha okashi wo kuremasu.
My father give me candy.

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