10 japanese words per day 141

10 japanese words per day 14110 japanese words per day 141 .

10 japanese words per day 141. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 141

1401. 出口

Reading : でぐちdeguchi
Meaning : exit

Example :

deguchi ha kotchi desu
The exit is this way.

1402. 登る

Reading : のぼるnobaru
Meaning : climb, go up

Example :

nihon de ichiban takai yama ni nobori tai
I want to climb the highest mountain in Japan.

1403. 真っ白

Reading : まっしろmasshiro
Meaning : pure-white

Example :

ima tsumuri ga masshiro da
Now my head is completely empty.

1404. 下ろす

Reading : おろすorosu
Meaning : bring down, take down

Example :

kodomo ha teburu no jou ni aru moto wo oroshi masu
The kids took the books on the table down.

1405. 貸し出す

Reading : かしだすkashidasu
Meaning : lend, lend out

Example :

yamata san ha watakushi ni man en kashi ta
Mr Yamada lent me 30 thousands yen..

1406. サッカー

Reading : サッカーsakka-
Meaning : soccer, football

Example :

sakka senshu ni nari tai
I want to become a football player.

1407. 暖房

Reading : だんぼうdanbou
Meaning : heating

Example :

samui node dambou wo haire te mo ii desu ka
Because it’s cold so is it ok to turn on the heater?

1408. 手袋

Reading : てぶくろtebukuru
Meaning : gloves

Example :

kitanai node tebukuro wo shi ta
Because it’s dirty so I wear gloves.

1409. 留守

Reading : るすrusu
Meaning : not at home

Example :

kanojo ha ryokou de rusu da
She’s not at home becausse she’s traveling.

1410. 嘘

Reading : うそuso
Meaning : lie

Example :

yamata san nara uso wo tsuka nai yo
If it’s mr. Yamada then he won’t lie.

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