10 japanese words per day 135

10 japanese words per day 13510 japanese words per day 135 .

10 japanese words per day 135. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 135

1341. 貧乏

Reading : びんぼうbinbou
Meaning : poverty, destitution

Example :

gaisha ga tousan shi te bimbou ni natu ta
The company went bankrupt so I became poor.

1342. おしゃれ

Reading : おしゃれoshare
Meaning : trendy, fashionable

Example :

gakusei ha oshare ni shi te ha yoku nai daro u
It’s probably not good for the students to dress fancy.

1343. 休憩

Reading : きゅうけいkyuukei
Meaning : break

Example :

ichi rei bu gurai kyuukei shi masho u
Let’s take a 10 minutes break.

1344. 舌

Reading : したshita
Meaning : tongue

Example :

wain wo nomu to shita ha akaku natu ta
Every time I drink wine, my tongue becomes red.

1345. ジュース

Reading : ジュースjyu-su
Meaning : juice

Example :

jusu wo nomu
Do you drink juice? (would you like ..)

1346. ゼロ

Reading : ゼロzero
Meaning : zero, none (loan word)

Example :

shisan ga nakunatu te zembu ha zero ni modoshi ta
All my assets have gone so all went back to the starting point.

1347. 朝刊

Reading : ちゅうかんchuukan
Meaning : morning edition paper

Example :

choukan ga roku ji ni todoi ta
Morning papers are delivered at 6 am.

1348. 丁寧

Reading : ていねいteinei
Meaning : polite, careful

Example :

okyakusama ni teinei na kotoba wo tsuka nakya nara nai
Polite language is required when talking to the customer.

1349. 苦手

Reading : にがてnigate
Meaning : not good at, be bad at

Example :

boku ha bungaku ga nigate desu
I’m bad at literature.

1350. 日

Reading : ひhi
Meaning : (specific) day, sun, daytime

Example :

tanjou nichi ha nan mo tokubetsu na koto ga nai
There isn’t anything special on my birthday.

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