10 japanese words per day 130

10 japanese words per day 13010 japanese words per day 130 .

10 japanese words per day 130. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 130

1291. 受ける

Reading : うけるukeru
Meaning : receive, take, undergo

Example :

sensei kara adobaisu wo uke mashi ta
I received the advice from the teacher.

1292. 付く

Reading : つくtsuku
Meaning : stick to, cling to

Example :

hanataba ha kado ni tsui ta
The bouquet has a note (card) attached to it.

1293. 私

Reading : わたくしwatakushi
Meaning : I (formal)

Example :

watakushi ha tada shain desu
I’m just a company employee.

1294. 結構

Reading : けっこうkekkou
Meaning : quite

Example :

sore ha kekkou ii desu
That’s pretty good.

1295. 悪口

Reading : わるくちwarukuchi
Meaning : slander, abuse

Example :

itsumo hito no ushiro de warukuchi wo iu no ha yoku nai desu
Talking about people behind their back isn’t good.

1296. 広まる

Reading : ひろまるhiromaru
Meaning : spread, get around

Example :

ano senden ha ichi nichi dake de toukyou de hiromatu ta
That rumor has spread all over Tokyo in just under a day.

1297. 内緒

Reading : ないしょnaisho
Meaning : secrecy, privacy

Example :

ano hanashi ha naisho no hanashi desu yo
That story is a secret.

1298. つぶる

Reading : つぶるtsuburu
Meaning : close (eyes)

Example :

me wo tsuburu to kanojo no sugata ga arawareru
Everytime I close my eyes, her face appears.

1299. 用件

Reading : ようけんyouken
Meaning : matter, things to be done

Example :

konnichi no youken ha zembu shi ta
I’ve done all things needed to do today.

1300. ロマンチック

Reading : ロマンチックromanchikku
Meaning : romantic

Example :

deto wo shi tara yappari romanchikku na tokoro ga ii ne
For dating, romantic places are still better.

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