10 japanese words per day 107

10 japanese words per day 10710 japanese words per day 107 .

10 japanese words per day 107. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 107

1061. 案内

Reading : あんないannai
Meaning : guide, guidance

Example :

utsukushii fuukei wo go annai itashi masu
Let me introduce to you the beautiful scenery.

1062. スキー

Reading : スキーsuki-
Meaning : ski, skiing

Example :

supotsu no naka de suki ga ichiban suki desu
Of all the sports, I love skiing the most.

1063. 金持ち

Reading : かねもちkanemochi
Meaning : wealthy person

Example :

o kanemochi ha shiawase da to ha kagira nai
Rich people aren’t always happy.

1064. 尋ねる

Reading : たずねるtazuneru
Meaning : inquire, ask

Example :

tomodachi no uchi no michi wo tazune masu
I ask for the way to my friend’s house.

1065. 叩く

Reading : たたくtataku
Meaning : tap, hit

Example :

kodomo ni hoho wo tataku no ha dame desu
You are not to hit the children’s cheek.

1066. 帰り

Reading : かえりkaeri
Meaning : return, going home

Example :

konnichi ke ni kaeru tsumori ha nai
Today, I don’t plan on going back home.

1067. 卵

Reading : たまごtamago
Meaning : egg

Example :

maiasa tamago wo tabe te i masu
Every morning I eat eggs.

1068. 氷

Reading : こおりkoori
Meaning : ice

Example :

ohkii kohri wo kudai te garasu ni haireru
Smash the ice then put it into the cup.

1069. 留学生

Reading : りゅうがくせいryuugakusei
Meaning : student studying abroad

Example :

ryuugakusei no seikatsu ha totemo kurushii daro u
The life of students studying abroad might be very hard.

1070. ソフト

Reading : ソフトsofuto
Meaning : software, program

Example :

ano sofuto ha yuumei na dezaina ni tsukura re mashi ta yo
That program was made by that famous designer.

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