10 japanese words per day 104

10 japanese words per day 10410 japanese words per day 104 .

10 japanese words per day 104. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 104

1031. アルバイト

Reading : アルバイトarubaito
Meaning : part-time job

Example :

arubaito wo suru to iroiro na keiken ga e rareru daro u
Working part-time job grants you experiences.

1032. コート

Reading : コートko-to
Meaning : coat, jacket (loan word)

Example :

gai ha samui node koto wo ki nasai
It’s cold outside so wear more coats.

1033. 趣味

Reading : しゅみshumi
Meaning : hobby, interest

Example :

boku no shumi ha ongaku wo kiku koto desu
My hobby is to listen to musics.

1034. 散歩

Reading : さんぽsanpo
Meaning : walk, stroll

Example :

mainichi inu wo tsure te sampo shi te i masu
I walk my dog everyday.

1035. 幸せ

Reading : しあわせshiawase
Meaning : happiness, satisfied (colloquial)

Example :

kodomo ha ureshii toki wo miru to watakushi ha shiawase ni natu ta
I’m happy everytime I look at my child and see them have fun.

1036. 安心

Reading : あんしんanshin
Meaning : peace of mind, relief

Example :

kono kikai ha totemo anzen na node anshin shi te kudasai
This machine is very safe so rest assured.

1037. 大勢

Reading : おおぜいoozei
Meaning : large numbers, a lot of (people)

Example :

ohzei no hito ha eki no zen de atsumari mashi ta
A lot of people gathered at the gas station.

1038. 医者

Reading : いしゃisha
Meaning : doctor (colloquial, plain)

Example :

gozen isha ni mi te moratu ta
I went to the doctor to check up this morning.

1039. 運転手

Reading : うんてんしゅuntenshu
Meaning : driver

Example :

watakushi ha unten te ni nari taku nai
I don’t want to be a driver..

1040. 新幹線

Reading : しんかんせんshinkansen
Meaning : bullet train

Example :

shinkansen ni notu te ohsaka ni iku tsumori desu
I want to go to Oosaka by the speed train.

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