10 japanese words per day 102

10 japanese words per day 10210 japanese words per day 102 .

10 japanese words per day 102. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 102

1011. たまに

Reading : たまにtamani
Meaning : occasionally, by chance

Example :

ko ha tamani heya wo katazuke masu
My daughter rarely cleans her room.

1012. おかしい

Reading : おかしいokashii
Meaning : strange, peculiar

Example :

kanojo no koe ga chotto okashii desho u
Her voice sounds strange, isn’t it?

1013. 浅い

Reading : あさいasai
Meaning : shallow, superficial

Example :

asai kawa de oyogu no ha anzen desu
Swimming at shallow river like this isn’t safe.

1014. 君

Reading : きみkimi
Meaning : you (referring to fellows or subordinates)

Example :

kun no tanjou nichi ha gatsu nichi desho u ne
Your birthday is 30/10 right?

1015. 奥さん

Reading : おくさんokusan
Meaning : (somone else’s) wife, married woman

Example :

kachou no okusan ha shinsetsu na hito desu
The wife of the group leader is a nice woman.

1016. 赤ちゃん

Reading : あかちゃんakachan
Meaning : baby (colloquial)

Example :

akachan ha kawaii
Cute baby.

1017. 小学生

Reading : しょうがくせいshougakusei
Meaning : elementary school student

Example :

shougakusei ha kono kanji ga yomeru no ha muri desu
There’s no way a children in elementary school can read this letter.

1018. 貸す

Reading : かすkasu
Meaning : lend, lease

Example :

ni rei rei rei en wo kashi te kure mase n ka
Can you lend me 2000 yen?

1019. 数える

Reading : かぞえるkazoeru
Meaning : count

Example :

shi no suuryou wo kazoe te i masu
I’m counting the number of papers.

1020. 生む

Reading : うむumu
Meaning : give birth, produce

Example :

sengetsu tsuma ha musuko wo un da
Last month, my wife gave birth to my son.

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