10 japanese words per day 101

10 japanese words per day 10110 japanese words per day 101 .

10 japanese words per day 101. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 101

1001. 凄い

Reading : すごいsugoi
Meaning : great, incredible

Example :

ano hito no sukiru ha sugoi
That person has great skills.

1002. 親切

Reading : しんせつshinsetsu
Meaning : kind, kindhearted

Example :

kare ha shinsetsu na hito desu
He is a kind man.

1003. 絶対

Reading : ぜったいzettai
Meaning : absolutely, never

Example :

kanojo ha watakushi wo zettai ni yurushi mase n
She absolutely won’t forgive me.

1004. 先月

Reading : せんげつsengetsu
Meaning : last month

Example :

sengetsu amerika ni iki mashi ta
I went to America last month.

1005. 一昨年

Reading : おととしototoshi
Meaning : the year before last (colloquial)

Example :

ototoshi watakushi ha daigakusei ni natu ta
I became a student the other year.

1006. 冬休み

Reading : ふゆやすみfuyuyasumi
Meaning : winter vacation

Example :

kondo no fuyuyasumi ha hokkaidou ni ryokou shi tai
I’ll travel to Hokkaido this winter vacation.

1007. 夏休み

Reading : なつやすみnatsuyasumi
Meaning : summer vacation

Example :

natsuyasumi ni doko mo iki mase n deshi ta
I didn’t go anywhere this summer vacation.

1008. 休日

Reading : きゅうじつkyuujitsu
Meaning : day off, holiday

Example :

kyuujitsu de yukkuri sugoshi tai
On my day off, I want to sit back and relax.

1009. 正月

Reading : しょうがつshougatsu
Meaning : New Year, January

Example :

oshougatsu no gashi wo kaki mashi ta
I wrote the new year’s congratulation.

1010. 思い出

Reading : おもいでomoide
Meaning : memory

Example :

kono shashin wo miru to ii omoide wo omoidashi masu
Everytime I look back at this picture, I can still remember the good old memories.

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