Japanese grammar だけあって dakeatte

Japanese grammar だけあって dakeatteJapanese grammar だけあって dakeatte width=

Let’s learn Japanese grammar だけあって dakeatte :

JLPT level : N3

Formation :

Vる・Vた +だけあって

Meaning and how to use :

1.Describe someone deserving something, appreciating someone.

Takakatta dake atte kono doresu ha sugoku kirei.
Though this dress expensive. it’s extremely nice.

sasuga, betonamu no shuto dake atte hanoi ha baiku ga ooi.
That’s certainly the capital city of Vietnam, there are so many motorcycle in Hanoi’s streets.

kono chuugaku ha rekishi ga nagai dake atte yuumei ga aru.
This high school has a long history, so it’s famous.

kimu san ha roku nen mo nippon ni ryuugaku shi te i ta dake atte, nihongo ga jouzu da.
Kim has studied abroad for 6 years, so her Japanese is vey good.

yasui dake atte kono heya ha semai da.
As this value, this room is so cramped.

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above is Japanese grammar だけあって dakeatte. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

You can search the structure you want by using the search tool on our website (using key : grammar + ‘structure name’ or you can find more Japanese grammar structures in the following category : Japanese grammar dictionary

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