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Nobi the hero – Funny Japanese jokeNobi the hero - Funny Japanese joke

Nobi the hero – Funny Doraemon joke. Hi everyone, in this chapter of Funny Doraemon jokes , let’s together learn some Japanese words through a very funny joke called Nobi the hero.

Content :

Dad: When I was a child, I ever ran 20 km to beat the man teasing your mom!!
Otoosan: wakai no goro, ore ha okaasan wo karakau yatsu wo nagurini 20 kirome-to hashitta yo!!

Nobita: So, after that, you ran back home, right???
ノビタ:じゃ、その後、お父ちゃんは 走って帰ったの???
Nobita: Ja, sono ato, otoosan ha hashittekaetano???

Dad : Hmmm no, I went back by an ambulance
Otoosan: Iya, ore ha kyuukyuusha de kaetta

Vocabulary :

からかう:jest, tease

救急車 kyuukyuusha:ambulance

俺 ore:I, we, me, us

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