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Funny question of a childFunny question of a child

To continue Funny Doraemon Jokes category. In this post, Learn Japanese daily would like to invite you to see another Funny Doraemon Jokes : Funny question of a child  ?

Funny question of a child  ? in Japanese


ノビタの君 : おばさん、おばさんのお腹の中に 何かあるの?

おばさん : 赤ちゃんがいるわ

ノビタの君 : その赤ちゃんのこと 好き?

おばさん : 大好きよ

ノビタの君 : 好きなのに、なんで飲んでしまたの?

Funny question of a child  – in Romaji :

Nobita kun nishin shiteiru obasanni atta

Nobita kun : obasan, obasanno onakano nakani nanika aruno?

obasan : akachanga iruwa

Nobita kun : sono akachan no koto suki?

obasan : karenokoto daisukiyo

Nobita kun : sukinanoni nande nonde shimattano?

Translation into English :

Nobita boy (who is playing by the rooad) see a pregnant women

Nobita boy: what is inside stomach, mrs?

Girl: there is one baby inside

Nobita boy: Do you love him?

Girl: i loves him so much, baby

Nobita boy: You loves her? but why did you swallow her into your stomach?

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