Jlpt N4 vocabulary week 8

Jlpt N4 vocabulary week 8Jlpt N4 vocabulary week 8

Jlpt N4 vocabulary week 8. To make it easier for you to study, Learn Japanese Online has collected Japanese N4 vocabularies from many sources. Each lesson contains 10 words (It’s a nice quantity for you to study regularly. The post is divided into 6 days (or 1 week).

N4 vocabulary day 43

421.丁寧(ていねい): polite. 彼は私の質問に丁寧に答えました : He answered my question politely

422.テキスト : textbook. 私は今日テキストを忘れました : I forgot my textbook today

423.適当(てきとう): suitable. 適当な人を選ぶ : Choose a suitable person

424.できる : to be able. あなたは泳ぐことができますか : Can you swim?

425.できるだけ : as much as possible. できるだけ早く来なさい : Please come as soon as possible

426.手伝う(てつだう): to help. 私が手伝うことはありますか : Is there anything I can help with?

427.テニス : tennis. テニスが好きです : I like playing tennis

428.手袋(てぶくろ): glove. 手袋を脱ぐ : Draw one’s gloves off

429.寺(てら): temple. 寺に参る : Visit temple

430.点(てん): points, mark, score. 百点を取る : Get 100 points

N4 vocabulary day 44

431.店員(てんいん): employee (of a store), clerk, salesperson. ここの店員はとても親切です : The clerk here is very friendly

432.天気予報(てんきよほう): weather forecast. 天気予報では明日は晴れです : The weather forecast says it will be fine tomorrow

433.電灯(でんとう): electric light. 電灯をつける : To switch on the electric light

434.電報(でんぽう): telegram. 電報を打つ : Send a telegram

435.展覧会(てんらんかい): exhibition. 展覧会を開く : To hold an exhibition

436.都(と): metropolitan, municipal. 都市計画 : City planning

437.道具(どうぐ): tool. 髪を切る道具 : A tool for cutting hair

438.とうとう : finally. とうとう彼は来なかった : He didn’t come, after all

439.動物園(どうぶつえん): zoo. 動物園へ行くのが好きです : I like going to the zoo

440.遠く(とおく): far away, at a distance. distant place. 遠くから来る : To come from afar

N4 vocabulary day 45

441.通る(とおる): to pass through, to go through. 汽車がトンネルを通る : A train runs through a tunnel

442.特に(とくに): particularly, especially. 私は特に数学が嫌い : I especially hate Math

443.特別(とくべつ): special, particular. それはとても特別だ : That is very special

444.とこや : barber. とこやに行く : Go to the barber

445.途中(とちゅう): on the way, midway, in the middle of. 途中であきらめるな : Don’t give up halfway

446.特急(とっきゅう): limited express (train, faster than an express). 特急券 : Limited-express ticket, special-express ticket

447.届ける(とどける): to deliver, to send. それをあなたに届ける : I will send it to you

448.泊まる(とまる): to stay at. 宿に泊まる : Stay at a lodge

449.止める(とめる): to stop. 車を止める : Stop the car

450.取り替える(とりかえる): to exchange. 私はそれを取り替えます : I will exchange that

N4 vocabulary day 46

451.どろぼう : thief, robber. どろぼうは逃げた : The thief ran away

452.どんどん : rapidly, quickly. 時間がどんどん経った : Time went quickly

453.直す(なおす): to fix, to repair. 時計を直す : Fix the watch

454.直る(なおる): to be repaired, to be fixed. 私の自転車が直った : My bicycle was repaired

455.治る(なおる): to be cured, to be healed. 病気が治る : Be cured of a disease

456.なかなか : by no means, not readily. 火がなかなか燃えない : The fire won’t burn

457.泣く(なく): to cry. それを見て泣きます : I will cry when I see that

458.無くなる(なくなる): to be lost, to be used up, to be run out. お金が無くなる : I won’t have money

459.亡くなる(なくなる): to die. 彼が 70 歳で亡くなる : He died at the age of seventy

460.投げる(なげる): to throw, to toss. 石を投げる : Throw stones

N4 vocabulary day 47

461.なさる : to do. 何をなさるつもりですか : What are you going to do?

462.鳴る(なる): to sound, to ring. 電話のベルが鳴る : The phone rings

463.なるべく : as much as possible. 私はなるべく早く来ます : I will come as soon as possible

464.なるほど : I see, that’s right, indeed. なるほど、それは間違いかもしれない : It may, indeed, be a mistake

465.慣れる(なれる): to get used to. 仕事に慣れる : Get used to work

466.におい : scent, smell. においをかぐ : Smell something

467.苦い(にがい): bitter. この薬は苦い : This medicine tasted bitter

468.逃げる(にげる): to escape, to run away. あの猫は犬から逃げる : That cat runs away from that dog

469.日記(にっき): diary. 日記を書く : Write a diary

470.入院・する(にゅういん・する): hospitalization, hospitalisation. 彼は入院中です : He is hospitalized right now

N4 vocabulary day 48

471.入学・する(にゅうがく・する): entry to school or university, enrollment. 大学に入学する : Enter college

472.にる : to resemble, to look like. 息子は父親ににる : Like father, like son

473.人形(にんぎょう): doll. 人形と遊ぶ : Play with doll

474.盗む(ぬすむ): to steal. お金を盗むのは良くない : It is wrong to steal money

475.塗る(ぬる): to paint. 壁を白く塗ります : I will paint the wall white

476.ぬれる : to get wet. 雨にぬれる : Get wet in the rain

477.値段(ねだん): price. 値段が上がる : The price gows up

478.熱(ねつ): temperature. 熱が下がる : The temperature goes down

479.熱心(ねっしん): zealous, enthusiastic, eager. 彼女は熱心な生徒です : She is an eager student

480.ねぼう : oversleeping. 私はねぼうしました : I over slept

Above is Jlpt N4 vocabulary week 8. Learn the following weeks in the category : JLPT N4 Vocabulary.

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