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Japanese ほどだ grammar hododa
Japanese ほどだ grammar hododa

Let’s learn Japanese ほどだ grammar hododa :

Japanese ほどだ grammar hododa

JLPT level : N3

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

1. Describe an approximate amount. Can’t be used for time, date, or time measurement that doesn’t have length.
Only used with: Numeral+ほど

For example

Kono suika o yattsu hodo kudasai.
Please sell me about 8 watermelon

boku ha amerika ni ichi gekkan hodo homusutei suru.
I have lived homestay in the US for about one month.
*The first example is polite speaking, the meaning is not changed.

2. Describe level of a state, event. If “ほど” stands at the end of the sentence, it explain that level.

For example

kono hon ha yoku ureru. Dashi ta nochi de sugu ni kawareru hodo da.
That book is well sold as if it is bought as soon as it was published.

ano zasshi ha ni do yoma nakya nara nai hodo omoshiroi da.
That magazine is so interesting that I have to read it twice.

kare ha shira nai hito ni tasukeru hodo yasashii da.
He is so kind, he even helps people he doesnt know.

3. Describe a thing, an event that when it reaches a higher level, another event, thing is affected and raises its level too

For example

ano ko ha seichou suru hodo ni kirei ni naru.
The older the child is, the more beautiful becomes.

terebi o miru hodo me ga waruku naru.
The more constantly you watch TV, the worse your eyes get.

4. Along with the development of an event, another event also develops. The two event are proportional to each other. However, sometimes it is used to express conversely change.
Only used with N/Aな(remove な)であればあるほど
Aい(remove い)+ければ+Aい+ほど

For example

yama o takaku nobore ba noboru hodo kion ga sagaru.
The higher you climb up to mount, the lower temperature it gets

nihongo o senmon sure ba senmon suru hodo muzukashiku nari masu.
The more deeply you study Japanese, the harder it is.

Note: In the first usage with approximate amount “ほど” can be replaced by “くらい”, “ぐらい”
In the third usage, example 1 “ほどに” is used in written language

Related structures :

ほどだ hododa
ほど~はない hodo~dehanai
というほどではない toiuhododehanai, toiu hododehanai
ほどの~ではない hodono ~dehani
ほどなく hodonaku
くらい kurai
につれて nitsurete

Ref : tuhoconline

above is Japanese ほどだ grammar hododa. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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