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Japanese ばかりは grammar bakariha
Japanese ばかりは grammar bakariha

Let’s learn Japanese ばかりは grammar bakariha :

Formation :

N + ばかり

Meaning and how to use :

Exception, means “All except for this…”

For example

Are bakari ha dame desu.
All is okay except for that.

kondo bakari ha kimi ni makase masu.
I count on you only in this time.

nani demo mitome masu ga, kono youkyuu bakari ha kangaenaoshi nakya.
I can accept every offers, yet this time I must consider.

kare ha itsumo hoka no hito ni monku o ii masu. Doushite kono toki bakari ha yasashiku nari masu ka?
He’s always complaining about others. Why is he so nice this time?

kore bakari ha sawara nai de kudasai ne.
Only this one you can’t touch.

Note: Đây là cách nói khá cứng dùng trong văn viết, nếu dùng trong văn nói thường mang kiểu cách cổ, trang trọng, cường điệu, khách sáo.

Related structures :

ばかりいる bakariiru
ばかりで bakaride
ばかりだ bakarida
ばかりの bakarino
んばかり nbakari
ばかりに bakarini
ばかりもいられない bakarimoirarenai
とばかりはいえない tobakarihaienai
とばかりおもっていた tobakariomotteita
とばかりに tobakarini
ばかりか bakarika
ばかりでなく…も bakaridenaku…mo

above is Japanese ばかりは grammar bakariha. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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