Japanese がちだ/がちの/がちな grammar gachida/ gachino/gachina

Japanese がちだ/がちの/がちな grammar gachida/ gachino/gachina
Japanese がちだ/がちの/がちな grammar gachida/ gachino/gachina

Let’s learn Japanese がちだ/がちの/がちな grammar gachida/ gachino/gachina :

JLPT level : N2

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

1. Describe the meaning “A thing/person is tend to be like that or might become like that.” Used when wanting to say the situation/status is irregular, or very dire/severe. Usually limited to very few words.
How to use: Nがちだ


Ore ha wakai toki karada ga yoku nai node byouki gachi da.
I didn’t have very good health when I was young so I’m often sick.

Saikin warui tenki gachi na node shiai ga okonaware nai.
The weather is often bad lately so the match was cancanled.

Saikin gakkou ni okure gachi desu ne.
You’re often late to class recently.

2. Describe the meaning “Often..” with the meaning “unintentionally, not on purpose..”. Often goes with bad behaviors and with ways of saying “どうしても/つい/うっかり/~てしまう”.
How to use: Vます(remove ます)+がちだ


Kono michi ha uneune suru node jiko ga okori gachi da.
This road is rough so accidents tend to happen in this road.

Sore ha jibun no misu ja nai to kangae gachi no hito ga ooi desu.
Many people tend to think that it is not their own mistake.

Tadashiku nai tokoro ni gomi o sute gachi da.
I tend to throw garbage at the wrong place.

「がちの/がちな」is another way of saying, used to qualify the noun of 「がちだ」

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above is Japanese がちだ/がちの/がちな grammar gachida/ gachino/gachina. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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